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Why CX Speakers

Peppers and Rogers are widely recognized as two of the world’s leading experts on Customer Experience and Engagement. They focus on delivering world-class keynote presentations, custom workshops and executive training to help organizations around the globe build meaningful and long lasting customer relationships. Together they’ve delighted thousands of clients in more than 40 countries.

Don Peppers

“Don brought an energetic and thoughtful presentation that really challenged how we think about the customer experience.  Because of Don, we immediately embarked on a strategy to remove any and all friction from the customer experience.   While his presentation was just an afternoon, the impact it had is shaping how we think about how we interact with both staff and customers.” – Joe Hayman, CEO

Martha Rogers Ph.D.

Martha was fantastic!  We received very high survey results for her presentation.  Having her attend the events the day before was very helpful for us to get to know her and I am sure more for her to get to know us!  She did a great job threading conversations from the day prior into her presentation making it very relevant.  You and the entire team have been great to work with!  Thank you!

We speak about

From large keynotes to small executive planning sessions, Peppers and Rogers work closely with clients to provide a customized presentation that exceeds expectations. Their combination of ideology and field experience with humor creates a compelling and informative presentation which will captivate and engage your audience.

Business Competition, Future Tense

Technology is raising customer expectations, and now you’re competing with Amazon, Apple, JetBlue, and Amex. Four strategies for succeeding in the transparent future.

The Omnichannel Myth

99% of companies that say they’re “omnichannel” aren’t. Three obstacles to overcome before joining the 1% of companies that really are.

After e-Commerce: Immersive Commerce

Today’s programmatic marketing tactic is tomorrow’s smartphone app, so get ready now for an online CX featuring “chatvertising” and bot-to-bot marketing.

Four Ways to Avoid “Post-Disruption Stress Disorder”

PDSD has plagued more than one business, from Kodak to Blockbuster, and from Apple to IBM. Four strategies for beating the next disruption in your own category.

Customer Trust as a Disruptive Innovation

How to out-do your competitors by earning your customers’ trust, and why this can insulate you from the next big disruption in your business.

Digital Disruption for Fun and Profit

Creating your own disruption is a good way to survive radical technological (or regulatory) change, and offense is always more fun than defense.

Proactive Customer Strategy: The Smart Response to Transparency

Now that what customers say about you matters more than what you tell customers about yourself, what your customers want is for you to be proactive on their behalf. 

Uber-izing your business

Trust platforms like Airbnb, Uber and Taskrabbit empower customers with the ability to self-organize, eliminating the middle man. Other businesses can, too. And will.

Proactive Trustworthiness is the New Black

New technology drives new expectations. You need a new strategy, good for 2019 and beyond. Grow profitably and stay competitive with Extreme Trust. Four tasks to do so.

Do Your Customers Trust You? Should They? And Do You Trust Them?

If somebody measured every company tomorrow, how would your company rank?  What decisions are you making today that create or destroy trust?

What Would a Trustable [insert your company’s name] Look Like?

Do you give refunds proactively? Host customer reviews on your website? Things to show you’re a leader in trustability, while improving business results at the same time.

What is the Value of a Better Customer Experience?

How to map the CX, improve it, profit from it.  How does it help us and help our customers?   Why is “customer journey mapping” exactly what’s needed now?

The Customer Dashboard

How to measure your success with customers. Metrics needed to drive your decisions and behaviors, eliminate landmines and build customer equity.

Customer Metrics You Can Bank On

Providing a better CX is costly today, while value is realized tomorrow. Resolve this dilemma to the satisfaction of your CFO.  How much more will customers pay if…?

You Can Lead a Man to Data, But You Can’t Make Him Think

Trustworthy data is (1) objective and (2) accurate. That’s half the battle. Five principles for using objective, accurate data to make more scientifically reliable business decisions.

How to Make Data-Driven Decisions Without a Statistics Degree

Anticipating human biases, avoiding statistical errors, and recognizing the limits of the data you have. How to talk with your customer analysts, without equations.

Balancing Work, Life, and Getting Where You Deserve to Be

Take it from a woman who has advanced degrees, a history of professional leadership in corporate America and entrepreneurial ventures, and has raised a family while traveling on six continents.  It ain’t easy, but you can do it for fun and profit.

Leading While Female

One of the world’s most acclaimed leaders in customer experience, customer loyalty, trustability, business technologies, and building equity shares her insights from 25 years in the field with clients, companies, CEOs, and real customers. 

You Go Girl!

Winning the Millennial Generation by leveraging the increasing power, influence, and authority of women in business. How to structure a truly collaborative and social business enterprise.

Preparing for the Next Great CX Innovations and Challenges In:



Banking and Insurance


Travel and Hospitality



Customer Advocacy: Recruiting Your Best Customers to the Sales Team

The pinnacle of Customer Success Management is customer advocacy. How to create emotional, human bonds with customers, at scale, and leapfrog your competitors to own the category

Customer Success: Competing for Sales in the Cloud

SaaS and other subscription-based businesses must cultivate prospects, not just hunt them. How to manage every customer relationship as a Challenger Sale.

Social Selling: Arm Your Salespeople

Turn salespeople into thought leaders armed with social ninja skills. Learn how to sell based on triggers, insights, and referrals.

Empowered Consumers? Or Digitally Augmented Humans?

Today’s consumers have digital super powers undreamed of even a decade ago, but affection, trust, and genuine loyalty can’t be automated, and will never be outdated.

Digital Connections, Emotional Engagement

Customer satisfaction doesn’t generate loyalty, but dissatisfaction creates disloyalty. Design your customer experience to be frictionless first, then emotionally engaging.

Delivering Humanity to B2B Customers

Success, more than satisfaction, drives the business customer. But a successful customer success effort will include genuine, human connections, based on emotion and trust.

Managing a Successful Customer-Centric Transformation

The key isn’t technology or data or policy. All these things are table stakes. The key lies in the culture of your employees. How to improve and maintain your corporate culture.

Self-Organizing Your Way to Competitive Success

When a customer problem comes in, you want your employees to swarm the problem and solve it, without top-down direction. Here’s how to make that happen.

Customer Loyalty: What, How, and Why

What it means to “loyalize” your customers, how to do so, why it’s worth the money, and three important obstacles that must be overcome.

Using Customer Loyalty to Make Better Short-Term Decisions

The customer’s memory is the most reliable link between the short-term financial effects of current decisions and the long-term shareholder value they might create.

Are you Loyal TO Your Customers?

Implement CRM processes to make customers more loyal and you’ll almost certainly fail. But do it to improve their lives, and you’ll almost certainly make them more loyal.

What our clients say

We received some amazing feedback from the audience regarding Don’s session and he also won the ‘Most Engaging Speaker Presentation” award at our awards dinner. I’m sure we’ll definitely be in touch to have Don as a speaker for us again.

Don brings a fresh perspective and impactful insights around how to truly develop a meaningful relationship with your customers. His ideas and thoughts are practical and easy to understand. I value our partnership.

We had an amazing session with Don and well received by the group.

The sessions yesterday were fantastic for everyone. They helped our associates get back in touch with what is important in a fun, engaging way. Don is an entertaining speaker with a great message.

Don Peppers opened the World Marketing & Sales Forum with his keynote and it was the perfect start. His message was right on target — relevant and insightful. We received great feedback from the attendees. As always, it was a pleasure working with Don and his team.

Martha’s remarks hit close to home, and proved to be a great thought-starter for positive change in not only my area of the business, but cross functionally in other areas as well.

Thank you so much!…We received really positive feedback and they couldn’t get enough of you…The most important inspiration for me is how you’re practicing what you’ve been preaching.

Martha was wonderful!  I loved what she had to say and the insights she shared with us.

Don, thank you for speaking at the Health Plan and Payer Summit, part of the 12th World Health Care Congress…Your preparation and commitment to the program were evident throughout planning and I sincerely appreciate your efforts.

Critically Acclaimed Authors

Peppers and Rogers have written eleven books, creating a legacy of international best sellers that have collectively sold more than 1 million copies in 18 languages and building on the premise of  treating different customers differently.

Rules to Break & Laws to Follow
Return on Customer
One to One B2B
The One to One Manager
The One to One Fieldbook
Enterprise One to One
Life’s a Pitch… Then You Buy
The One to One Future
Managing Customer Experience and Relationships

Managing Customer Experience and Relationships

2022 • Don Peppers & Martha Rogers Ph.D. • Wiley

Managing Customer Experience and Relationships is the fourth edition desk reference from internationally acclaimed business gurus and best-selling authors Don Peppers and Martha Rogers, Ph.D. Fully revised and updated with new examples, case studies, and references with contributing works from industry leaders and academic experts, Managing Customer Relationships is one of the first books designed to develop an understanding of the science of managing customer relationships and used for graduate-level CRM studies. The new edition also offers a full discussion of the influence of social networking on customer empowerment and customer relationship management (CRM).

Customer Experience: What, How and Why Now

Customer Experience: What, How and Why Now

2016 • Don Peppers

Technology is empowering customers. It is making them more knowledgeable, more connected – and more discerning – than ever before. But, there’s a twist: While it’s true that customers love the convenience that technology provides, they still crave that empathetic, human connection with their favorite brands.

On the other side of the table, business leaders are struggling to anticipate and defend against the disruption that technology – and customers themselves – are creating. Those who are able to find the right balance between automation and human-to-human interaction will be a step ahead.

This book will show you how.

Extreme Trust, Turning Proactive Honesty and Flawless Execution into Long-Term Profits

Extreme Trust, Turning Proactive Honesty and Flawless Execution into Long-Term Profits

2016 • Don Peppers & Martha Rogers Ph.D. • Penguin

Originally published in 2012 as Extreme Trust, Honesty as a Competitive Advantage, this updated edition (2016) from international best-selling authors and business visionaries Don Peppers and Martha Rogers, Ph.D. is an absolute must read for any business executive who wants to succeed in today’s highly digital and transparent world. Don and Martha predict that rising levels of transparency will require companies to protect the interest of their customers and employees proactively, even when it sometimes cost money in the short term. The importance of this “trustability” will transform every industry. Success won’t come from top-down rules and processes, but from bottom-up solutions on the part of employees and customers

Rules to Break & Laws to Follow

Rules to Break & Laws to Follow

2008 • Don Peppers & Martha Rogers Ph.D. • Wiley

From internationally acclaimed business gurus and best-selling authors Don Peppers and Martha Rogers, this is a must read for any business executive. Rules to Break & Laws to Follow examines what empowered customers, networked employees and a culture of innovation and trust mean for the competitive differentiation and long-term viability of a business.

Return on Customer

Return on Customer

2005 • Don Peppers & Martha Rogers Ph.D. • Doubleday

Return on Customersm advances the concepts and tenets of business valuation to the next evolutionary stage, demonstrating how maximizing the value of the customer base means maximizing the value of the enterprise. Fast Company named ROC one of the 15 “most important reads” of 2005 and cited it again in 2007 on their list of the 25 “Best Books” in business.

One to One B2B

One to One B2B

2001 • Don Peppers & Martha Rogers Ph.D. • Doubleday

One to One B2B: Customer Development Strategies for the Business to Business World, applies one-to-one principles to the tasks businesses face when they are selling to other businesses, rather than consumers. Don Peppers and Martha Rogers, Ph.D. examine in detail the customer relationship management efforts of five business-to-business organizations. One to One B2B catches these companies in mid-stride, documenting what they’ve done so far, and how this fits into their bigger plans.

The One to One Manager

The One to One Manager

1999 • Don Peppers & Martha Rogers Ph.D. • Doubleday

The One to One Manager: Real-World Lessons in Customer Relationship Management documents real-world stories of one-to-one marketing. Released in October 1999, it represents a departure from the previous books. Here, Don Peppers and Martha Rogers Ph.D. examine the actual issues companies have faced while implementing CRM programs. By compiling more than two dozen case studies from companies around the world, The One to One Manager gives an inside peek at the world of one-to-one marketing.

The One to One Fieldbook

The One to One Fieldbook

1999 • Don Peppers & Martha Rogers Ph.D. • Doubleday

In 1999, The One to One Fieldbook: The Complete Toolkit for Implementing a One-to-One Marketing Program, co-authored with Bob Dorf, former president of Peppers & Rogers Group, transformed one-to-one theory into a practical working guide. It pairs strategies with worksheets, questionnaires and specific tactics to give businesses the tools for starting a one-to-one program today.

Enterprise One to One

Enterprise One to One

1997 • Don Peppers & Martha Rogers Ph.D. • Doubleday

Enterprise One to One has taken its place alongside Don Peppers and Martha Rogers’s The One to One Future as a marketing classic on how to sell more products to fewer customers through one-to-one marketing. In this brave new world, where microchip technology is making it possible for businesses to know their customers better than ever before, there is incredible opportunity to build unbreakable customer relationships.

Life’s a Pitch… Then You Buy

Life’s a Pitch… Then You Buy

1995 • Don Peppers • Doubleday

In business, a pitch is a closed-end, winner-take-all competition involving one prospective customer and two or more hopeful suppliers, each struggling to defeat the others and win the account. In Life’s A PitchThen You Buy, Don Peppers shows us how to design a pitch guaranteed to win the confidence and trust of prospective clients while besting the competition. He believes the strongest pitches appeal to a person’s emotional “hot buttons” that make each of us into thinking, feeling creatures, and he shows us how to design our pitch so that we capture our clients’ hearts while throwing our competition off balance at the same time.

The One to One Future

The One to One Future

1993 • Don Peppers & Martha Rogers Ph.D. • Doubleday

In 1993, Don Peppers and Martha Rogers, Ph.D. introduced the concept of one-to-one marketing in their book The One to One Future: Building Relationships One Customer at a Time. This book started the one-to-one revolution and has been published in 13 languages around the globe. The companion video hosted by Don Peppers and Martha Rogers, Ph.D. takes you on a tour of the one-to-one paradigm presented in The One to One Future.

For bulk book orders, please contact Michael Dandrea at mdandrea@cxspeakers.com or (732) 470-8004