Dr. Martha Rogers is an acclaimed author, keynote speaker and co-founder of CX Speakers. Considered one of the top most influential customer experience leaders, Rogers’ counsel and insight are sought by Fortune 500 and Blue Chip executives who are trying to crack the code on customer measurement and value, trust, innovation, and the effect of emerging technologies.  Her “out-of-the-box” thinking makes her popular among all verticals and industries who are eager to learn more about customer-centric concepts and methodologies.

“If we don’t remember our customers, even well-intended services can be worse than doing nothing!”

Martha Rogers Ph.D.

Rogers has produced nine international best-sellers with business partner, Don Peppers, that collectively sold well over a million copies in 18 languages. Their latest book,  Extreme Trust: Turning Proactive Honesty and Flawless Execution into Long-Term Profits, (Penguin, 2016) uses real world examples to show how rising customer expectations in a more transparent age have permanently altered the competitive landscape. The third edition of their graduate-level textbook, Managing Customer Experience and Relationships, (Wiley, 2017) will be released in early 2017.

Rogers has also been widely published in academic and trade journals, including Harvard Business Review, Journal of Advertising Research, Journal of Public Policy and Marketing, and Journal of Applied Psychology.

“Customers now create more value, more quickly, than any other single kind of business asset.”

Martha Rogers Ph.D.

Peppers’ and Rogers’ first bookThe One To One Future, (Doubleday, 1993) was a ground-breaking hypothesis which activated the CRM movement in the late 1990’s. Inc. Magazine’s editor-in-chief called it “one of the two or three most important business books ever written,” while Tom Peters named it “book of the year” and BusinessWeek said it was the “bible of the new marketing.” After the success of The One to One Future, the Peppers & Rogers Group was formed and grew to be one of the world’s leading customer-centric management consulting firms, helping clients understand the value of treating their customers better. Now, Martha and Don have once again joined forces to form CX Speakers, a company designed exclusively to deliver keynote presentations, workshops, and thought-leadership consulting. CX Speakers focuses on the customer experience and all its related topics, ranging from digital technologies and innovation to customer metrics, social selling, trust, and corporate culture. View Speaking Topics Rogers is also the founder of Trustability Metrix, designed to help companies understand how they are trusted by customers, employees and business peers. Before receiving her Ph.D. at the University of Tennessee as a Bickel fellow and working her way to full professorship, Dr. Rogers was a copywriter and advertising executive. In academia, she has served as an adjunct professor at the Fuqua School of Business at Duke University, where she co-directed the Teradata Center for Customer Strategy. At Peppers & Rogers Group, she led several large subscription-based research studies focusing on particular aspects of CRM, including direct-to-consumer selling. Martha lives in New York City with her husband, Dick Cavett.