We received some amazing feedback from the audience regarding Don’s session and he also won the ‘Most Engaging Speaker Presentation” award at our awards dinner. I’m sure we’ll definitely be in touch to have Don as a speaker for us again.

Don totally energized the room, got everyone excited and made them think about how technology is driving change in the customer experience domain. Case examples were perfect to illustrate his arguments and he added tremendous value to the conference. Thank you for sharing your expertise with the audience.

On behalf of everyone that attended the National Animal Supplement Council’s 2017 Annual Conference in New Orleans, I would like to thank Martha Rogers for delivering a keynote speech that was relevant and astute. Martha’s talk perfectly answered the question, “How can companies transition from being trusted to being TRUSTABLE, and how can they stand out from the crowd?” It was among the most engaging and beneficial presentations I have personally seen, and companies looking for ways to propel their organizations to the next level should seek out Martha’s expertise. Many thanks to Martha and her dog, Riley, for helping to make our conference a great success!  – Bill Bookout, NASC President and Chair, Board of Directors

Don Peppers opened the World Marketing & Sales Forum with his keynote and it was the perfect start. His message was right on target — relevant and insightful. We received great feedback from the attendees. As always, it was a pleasure working with Don and his team.

Don brings a fresh perspective and impactful insights around how to truly develop a meaningful relationship with your customers. His ideas and thoughts are practical and easy to understand. I value our partnership.

The sessions yesterday were fantastic for everyone. They helped our associates get back in touch with what is important in a fun, engaging way. Don is an entertaining speaker with a great message.

Thank you so much!…We received really positive feedback and they couldn’t get enough of you…The most important inspiration for me is how you’re practicing what you’ve been preaching.

Martha’s remarks hit close to home, and proved to be a great thought-starter for positive change in not only my area of the business, but cross functionally in other areas as well.

We will always consider Martha Rogers on the top of our list of insightful, engaging and authentic speakers. She was truly one of the most amazing speakers to work with.

We had an amazing session with Don and well received by the group.

We chose Dr. Rogers because of her incredible background and thought leadership. She addressed the issues key to the nutrition industry, which are common to other industries but also unique. She zeroed in on what was most important to our audience, and received some of the highest marks we’ve ever received for a keynote speaker.

Martha was wonderful!  I loved what she had to say and the insights she shared with us.

Dr. Martha Rogers’ presentation was a huge hit. The audience loved it.

I sat in on Martha’s presentation at Expo West and loved it!…Martha presented a lot of good insights that I want to share with my team.

Don, thank you for speaking at the Health Plan and Payer Summit, part of the 12th World Health Care Congress…Your preparation and commitment to the program were evident throughout planning and I sincerely appreciate your efforts.

Excellent presentation..loved Don’s ability to give examples throughout…He was entertaining but kept it relevant and valuable.

We appreciated that Don did such good preparation to understand our company.

Wow…Mr. Peppers was the highlight of our conference!

Martha- it is the speakers’ level of dedication that dictates the success of an event and the positive feedback we’ve received confirms the high standard achieved by you and your peers.

Excellent. Don gave us a lot to think about and to take back.

Martha’s keynote presentation was absolutely captivating! She kept the audience engaged and responsive, using storytelling and humor to present sophisticated ideas and insights. Attendees stayed until the end of the day when she signed her books for them. We will definitely use Martha again as a keynote speaker.

The event was a huge success – and Don was a rock star!